Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder

The common symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder are inattentive. People who have Attention Deficit Disorder did not have hyperactive symptoms, if they have inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive symptoms they might be a combine types of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Compared with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder maybe overlook because it is not obvious as ADHD.


ADD Symptoms in Kids

In “Summary Health Statistics for U.S. Children: National Health Interview Survey, 2010” shows, in year 2010 had 8% of kids who are 17 and under (3 years old) had been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD. Boys diagnosed with ADHD/ADD are higher than girls.

  • Easy to be distract by other things
  • Difficult to focus
  • Often Interrupts other people when the people are talking or concentrate on something
  • Did not listen on people
  • Often lose his/her pen, workbooks or others things

If your child has the above symptoms, we recommend you to send them to run some test.

To diagnose a child is with ADD or not, you better send them to a specialist to run test. Diagnosing process is very complex. Diagnose it early, treatment will works much better.

ADD Symptoms in Adults

Attention Deficit Disorder is not only a kids disorder. Adults will also get ADD.  Some of the people is having ADD during their childhood but their parents did not realize it. Specialist always mention, the ADD and ADHD treatment should start as early as possible so that the symptoms can be control and reduce more. However, an adult still got their hope. It is not too late to start a treatment to control their symptoms. The following is the symptoms of ADD in Adults:

If you found you have the following problem, please seek for a ADD specialist to have a check/test.

  • Lack on manage task
  • Procrastinate.
  • When doing a task without passion, you feel hard to start or finish it.
  • Cannot focus on a task for long time.
  • Forgetfulness. Frequently forget your meeting or something you plan to do.

ADD also linked to other disorder such as learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, asthma, skin allergies and others.

Things happens always have the good and bad side. Look in another way, ADD child/people could bring some advantage of characteristic.

The advantage of ADD is:

  • Creativity. ADD child always had a different or special thought or idea.
  • Very warm and generous, willing to help the people all the time
  • Have a very strong intuition.
  • Unique sense of humor
  • Special outlook on life
  • Hypersensitive
Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment

Natural Alternative ADD Treatment is very popular today. Natural ADD Treatment can help to manage ADD symptoms very well and without side effect.

Western Medicine such as Ritalin, adderall, Vyvanse, Intuniv and others is using to treat ADD. The medicine had been listed as generic drugs. Patients need a prescription to buy the medicine. Western Medicine Treatment did not combine with others treatment technique to treat the child behavior and it will bring a lot of bad side effect to the child. Bad side effect of ADHD and ADD drugs include fatigue, insomnia, low appetite, rapid heartbeat, stomach not feel well, depress, mood swing, headache and others. The worst cases are ADHD patient addicted to the drugs and hallucination. ADD drugs may affect the child brain development. To avoid the bad side effect, natural ADD treatment is the best way to manage ADD symptoms.

Most of the natural ADD Treatment is cheaper than western medicine or western treatment.

Attention Deficit Disorder Intensive Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment

Acupuncture technique is a traditional medical system originates from China 3,000 years ago. Chinese Physician use a fine needle to puncture a specific point to stimulate the puncture points so the meridian system can be balance and the energy runs well in the body. When the energy and meridian system is running well, the disease can be slowly treated.

Chinese Master use The Tole neuro acupuncture technique to treat ADD. He inserts the fine needle to puncture the specific point on the scalp. The Tole Neuro Acupuncture can flow the Qi in the brain and link up the neurons. When the neurons link up, it can improve the communications and behavior.

Neuro Acupuncture is rare acupuncture technique not all Chinese Physician can learn or use for treating disorder because Neuro Acupuncture is not easy to understand and learn. In Chinese Acupuncture Medical System, our head had a lot of puncture point. Each puncture point has different effect after insert the needles. Neuro Acupuncture is a very complex Chinese Medical Technique compares to others medical technique.

Chinese Master had learned and practice for many years. He had a very good experience and knowledge by using Neuro Acupuncture to treat patient. Chinese Master learns and practices Chinese Medical when he was still a child who teaches by his father and uncle, then in 1992 he run his own clinic. After few years later in 1997, Chinese Master had been award as a first class acupuncturist by SuZhou Acupuncturist and Association which is subsidiary of Bei Jing International Acupuncture Association.

It is no doubt, Chinese Master is a very good Chinese Physician in Asia. He had use neuro acupuncture treated so many Brain Disorder such as ADD, ADHD, stroke, down syndrome and cerebral palsy. The treatment has show the effectiveness and the patient very satisfied for the results. Chinese Master has many patients who are come from other country such as America, Russia, French, China and others. Patients meet Chinese Master and stay at his hospital. They had been recommending staying more than one month’s so that they can see the improvements.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the important parts during Chinese treatment. Chinese Herbal Medicine is popular in the Natural ADD Treatment because herbal medicine is come from the natural environment. Most of the Chinese Herbal Medicine is planted by Chinese Master himself. The main reason for planting the herbal himself is because he wants to confirm the quality of the Chinese herbal.  A high quality of herbal can help to improve the effectiveness of treatment, Chinese Master believes.

ADD Healthy Diet Treatment

ADD Diet Treatment combine with The Tole neuro acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment can have a better effect. After many years of research and practice, Chinese Master realize ADD patient have different level of food allergic. Avoid some type of food can help to improve a lot during the treatment. The ADD diet treatment is special design for different patient by Chinese Master because different ADD patient have a different level of allergies.

The healthy diet treatment provide by Chinese Master will have provide enough nutrition supplement. Other than that, the diet treatment will include more food which is good for the brain. The brain can works better after a period of diet.

ADD Game Treatment

In this few years, Chinese Master also provides game treatment for ADD child. Some of the games like video game, card game and puzzle is the good choices to train the brain to be concentrate and manage task. The ADD child can learn the social skills during the game treatment. Chinese Master is the first Chinese physician who provides a complete game treatment for ADD child.

Chinese Master not only a Chinese physician who has a good experience and knowledge, he is also very famous in Malaysia and also worldwide. He had been interview by many magazine and newspaper. He share his knowledge online and also offline. If you have any problem or question, you can visit his website and ask,


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